Parrotize is a translation platform that provides online and local translation service.
We provide field needs digitally with Parrotize App for events, conferences, meetings and webinar on demand.


Ease of Use

Parrotize App is ridiculously easy to use! Just download our app, put in the event code and listen!


Parrotize App is fully digital, that means there is no need for conventional simultane translation tools, team or radio and headphones! You can listen events and their translation by only using your phone.


There is no limit to location while listening or even translating, as a listener you can listen to events that you could not attend to from everywhere. As a translator, you don’t need to be in field to translate, you can listen and translate from your home, office, wherever you can!

Multiple Language Options

Parrotize App supports up to 200 language! You can choose every language that is provided by the conference organisation.

How does it work?


We also provide our services to webinars. Thanks to our easy use, we can translate webinars and send it to the user easily. You just have to open our app, and listen webinars in your own language, simultaneously!


Parrotize App is really easy to use and install. You can download it from Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS, and listen to translation of events you attend. Participants has the option of listening the translation of events remotely anywhere around the world, or at the event. Furthermore translators does not need to be present at the event, they can translate from anywhere around the world, too with our location free App.

Our Team

Co-Founder & CEO
Pia Pınar BOZYEL
8 years of experience in translation field as a translation bureau manager, both abroad and domestic. Graduated from Turkology.
9 years of experience in the construction field, 2 years of experience of managing in the translation field. Finance expert.
Oğuzhan Karagöl
Studying on Software Developing and educating himself on mobile software and app development. Studies in KTÜ.
Elena Çiftçi
Studied Translating-Interpreting in Beykent University, She is currently working on content producing and social media.
Operation Manager
Studied Translating-Interpreting in Beykent University, He is currently educating himself in the field of Computer programming and Graphic Design.
Agile Coach
Educator in various fields, mainly in IT. Job analist, project manager and Agile coach.
+90 543 818 5005